Hello! I'm Adam, 18, Graphic Design major at Drexel University. I like a crap ton of things, but mostly art, awesome music and tv shows, videogames, and Magic: the Gathering. Don't expect any sort of consistency here, because consistency is for squares. Let's be friends!




in pokemon you can battle a cop

you can battle a cop in real life if you arent a weenie


if the purge was happening in real life you would see murders and rape and then you’d see me like





If you knock on my door and I say “yeah” it doesn’t mean “Come on in!” it means “stay where you are and state your business.”



It’s a bit like flashcards on steroids.

How Spritz Redesigned Reading, Letting You Scan 1,000 Words A Minute


When we read, our eyes move across a page or a screen to digest the words. All of that eye movement slows us down, but a new technology called Spritz claims to have figured out a way to turn us into speed-readers. By flashing words onto a single point on a screen, much like watching TV, Spritz says it will double your reading speed.

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